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On all matters related to your ordering or purchasing a folding bed-up, please call unified help : +7 495 972-36-54

The term of manufacturing a folding bed-up is 3 weeks starting from the day of conclusion of the contract. The prepayment is 50% of the order value. When the bed-up is ready our managers will contact you to deliver and to assemble the winding bed at any time convenient for you. The delivery within the Moscow Ring Road is free. Beyond the Moscow Ring Road is 30 USD per 1 km. If the lift is performed using the elevator, the fee is not charged. The cost of the manual lifting of doors and frames with lifting bed mechanisms is 50 rubles, each n 10 rubles for each floor starting with the second. The cost of the assembly is 10% of the order value. At the end of the assembly of the folding bed that usually takes 6-8 hours, you sign the Act of the Executed Works and perform the final payment for the assembly of the bed-up.

If during the operation of the folding bed some element was broken we will fix the problem in the shortest possible time. All you have to do is to call our representative to assess the nature of the bed-up mechanism malfunction. The warranty for the folding beds is 1 year . But we do not leave our clients without attention even after the end of the warranty period.

To order a folding bed-up, call us: +7 495 972-36-54 (order a return call), to invite a gauger in any time convenient for you. The visit of our specialist and his services when ordering a wardrobe-bed are free of charge.

1. Shopping Mall "Novye Cheryomushki"

Address:  Moscow city, metropoliten  Novye  Cheryomushki,  Profsoyuznaya Str.,  56, 3 floor, stand 3Ğ‘-03 â€” closet, bed-up
Phone./fax: +7 495 972-36-54
icq\uin: 603472162
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2. Shopping Mall «Myebyeli Rossyi»

Address: г. Moscow city, Yaroslavskoye Shosse  Str. Ğ´.19 metropoliten ENEA, afterwards by buses 172, 136, 244, or by a trolleybus 76 towards the district till the bus station «MISSIE». 3 floor â€”  closets, bed-ups.
Phone.: +7 495 972-36-54, +7 495 988-15-03
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3. Shopping Mall «Myebyeli Rossyi»

Address:  Moscow city, Svobody Str., 29. metropoliten Skhodnenskaya, SM Â«Myebyeli Rossyi», 2 floor â€”  closets, bed-ups (the first exposition from the entrance).
Phone: +7 495 972-36-54
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4. Shopping Mall «Myebyeli Rossyi»

Address: Moscow Oblast, Odintsovo region, Novoyvanovsky settlement, Agrokhimikov Str, building. 1, 2 floor. The shopping mall is situated 2 km far from Moscow Ring Road via Mojayskoye Shosse before SM Â«Try Kita».
Phone.: +7 495 972-36-54
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5. Shopping Mall «Interyer Plaza Byelaya Dacha»

Address: Moscow city, Moscow Ring Road, 16th kilometer, outer side, the turn to Dzerjisky town, Energetikov  Str.,  14, 4th floor
Тел.: +7 495 972-36-54
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6. Shopping Mall «Family Room»

Address: Moscow city, Kyevskoye Shosse, the right side of the direction out of the city, 500 meters from Moscow Ring Road, «Business-Park Rumyantsevo», block А, entrance №3, 2 floor, sector D9, exhibition hall 238А – wardrobe-bed, bed-up
Phone: +7 495 2133105
Icq\uin: 614891867
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