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Built-in beds appeared long ago, the first time I saw it in the 70-ies in a movie. However, Soviet industry did not offer lift beds. I do not recall it at least. Now on the Moscow market there appeared several offers about bedups. There are those of German, Italian, French and Russian design. The price of the imported analogues is high enough. Russian manufacturers offer almost identical lifting (folding) beds, designed on the mechanism of the application of the gas springs. Nowadays there are various names of this decision: bedup, folding bed, wardrobe-bed, and even bed-trasformer. But the essence of all these beds is one - the bed folds into a wardrobe.

Folding beds (bedups) - allow to use efficiently the space of small rooms. Folding bed in a vertical position is hidden in the 45 cm depth closet which can be multi-functional one compartment is designed for the retracted bed, the others are used to store things. Bedups may be of different size. They can be folded either vertically or horizontally. The used gas flap mechanism ensures the convenience and reliability of the bed design.

Built-in bed is a convenient solution for the living room

Folding bedup

Do you have one-room apartment? Even the most curious guests will not understand the secret of your elegant closet that can turn into one big bed with orthopedic mattress. Enclosure cabinets can be equipped with shelves. Bedup successfully combines with sliding-door wardrobe RaumPlus. In addition the closet with the bedup can be hidden behind the doors of the sliding-door wardrobe.

Bedup is the solution for the bedroom

Folding bed

The space above the bed can be occupied with shelves, where can be kept books, tapes and discs and in addition, you can hide the backlight behind the shelves. The bedup is equipped with straps that keep the mattress when the bed is in the upright position. Additionally at the head of the bed there can be made a special compartment for pillows. Adding a wardrobe to the bedup you can create a single style that allows you to solve the problem of placing things.

Bedup is the solution for the children's room

Folding bedup

In the children's room you can use a built-up bed. The children's room has to contain a table, a wardrobe, a computer, a music center, a TV and of course a bed. But howto fit it all? The solution is the wardrobe-bed. The built-in bed in the children's room will never let you worry about the untidy bed.

The features of a closet-bed

In production there is used a mechanism for lifting bed (Russia), lifting hydraulic shock absorbers Gaysan (Germany), CPD and the selvage of PVC of the EGGER company (Germany), aluminum sliding and hinged system of sliding door wardrobes RAUMPLUS (Germany) including the top suspension, fittings BLUM (Austria), accessories for wardrobes VIBO (Italy). The mattresses have the size from 90 to 160 cm and can be raised both vertically and horizontally. The maximum size of mattress is 200 * 160 cm. We provide a guarantee of two years for the bed with the lifting mechanism. The supplier of bedup mechanisms and springs guarantees 5000 cycles. This means that you can use the bed with the lifting mechanism at least for more than 10 years.