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The rating of the lifting mechanisms

Without exaggeration the heart of the folding (or lifting) beds is its hoisting mechanism. In domestic furniture production there are used several basic types of structures: mechanical, spring and with gas shock absorbers. Each of them has its own characteristics according to which we have compiled a "rating of popularity".

The first place is for the gas mechanism.

Advantages: reliability and maintainability. The proof of the reliability of these devices is the fact that such structures are used in the automotive industry: with the help of it there are raised track cabs! Only the official warranty of the gas mechanisms ranges strating from five years. Bed with this mechanism will be smooth and easy to unfold.
Disadvantages: high price.

Second place goes to the spring mechanism.

Advantages: the average price, it is quite reliable and simple.
Deficiencies: metal springs "get tired" with the lapse of time and requires replacement, it is prone to mechanical and chemical damage and it requires some effort when lifting the bed to the wall. The manufacturers that use spring mechanisms usually produce small in size and weight beds.

The third place goes to those made of mechanical construction.

Advantages: Time-tested and proved by people! Everyone who traveled by train is familiar to the folding bed that runs exclusively by means of our muscles. The shelf in the compartment is nothing less than one of its species.
Deficiencies: cumbersome mechanism, only standard sized single beds are allowed, the operation requires considerable physical effort.

The choice of the lifting mechanism of the bed

We prefer to use in their projects gas spring mechanisms as the main priority in the production of the wardrobe-beds is the comfort in their running.