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Why a bed-transformer?

Modern bed-transformer - is a generic term that unites a large number of products. The main feature of this class of furniture is the variable geometry. Bed-ups can be included into this category too. The company Chisty List produces manufactures custom-designed modern bed-transformers.

Most people are accustomed to the fact that a bed, especially a double one takes half the room. How should the owners of small flats act as they cannot put into a bedroom of a large and comfortable bed. Due to lack of space many people dream of a convenient and comfortable bed for years. Of course nowadays nobody sleeps on the floor because engineers invented a variety of classic beds. Someone prefers to sleep on the couch, it's very convenient. During the daytime in folded position it transforms into a relaxing zone for guests and residents of the house a bed-up. These products has synonyms: bed built-in wardrobe, folding bed, bed-transformer and so on. The principle of this product does not change with its name.

The advantages of a bed-transformer


Various photos in magazines and catalogues show the advantages of modern beds-transformers. The furniture studio Chisty List" provides a wide assortment of given production. Any customer can find a product to his taste. If we talk about the construction of the bed, it is a closet behind the fold of which there is hidden a bed. It is equipped with a special mechanism that allows you to raise and to lower the bed. Next to this closet you can install various cabinets with all shelves and drawers. Thus you get big and comfortable bed which experienced engineers hid behind the door. This type of design saves space.

It should be noted that a bed-tranformer has various modifications and variations. Depending on the design of the bed it can be installed not only horizontally, but vertically. When talking about one single bed it can attached to the vertical wall by its entire length. Folding horizontal bed takes up just bottom shelves in a closet, while the upper shelf can be free. There you can add various accessories. Vertical bed is attached to the wall of the closet along its short side. This product in folded position takes up a narrow strip on the wall from the floor to ceiling. Two types of bed-transformers are completely safe and easy to use but with the only condition if the assembly is fulfilled correctly which can be implemented by our engineers. This furniture must be purchased in the furniture studio Chisty List or order a bed-transformer via site. Only correctly and securely engineered and assembled product will be folded and unfolded easily delivering joy and positive emotions to its hosts. You can easily feel the difference between a bed and a sofa. For example you would not find a good mattress for the coach whereas there are a huge number of them for a simple bed. Come to our shop and you will be able to choose the product that will fit all your parameters, including the softness, the strength and the price. Everyone can choose for himself a perfect bed that will ensure a healthy and restful sleep.

We have the best beds-transformers

A bed-transformer for children

You can significantly save space in a small apartment with the help a modern and comfortable bed-transformer from the company Chisty List. Our specialists have developed a product with a solid mechanism that gives the possibility to hold a bed in a vertical position. Don't forget about the security issues that come to the forefront.
This brand new bed-transformer turns into a beautiful wall panel with one easy motion of the hand. The practical folding bed is very easy to use. It is safe, convenient and comfortable.