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How to make your apartment functional and comfortable without overloading it with furniture? A folding bed is the most effective way to optimize the use of space. There will always be space in a bedroom, a living room and a hallway for this unique modern product that sill transform even a small room into spacious one! It often happens that the facades of the folding beds are decorated with mirrors that creates a great visual effect of the space expansion

Space saving is not the only advantage of the folding bed. Another important value lies in its ability to fit into any furniture object. For example it can become a part of the china cabinet in the living room, of the work-space in the room of an adolescent or an invisible part of the bookshelf or the wardrobe. These beds match with open shelves and TV stands which makes them easy to fit into any niche or set onto the podium. The main thing is to take into account the needs of the family and the peculiarity of the space so the furniture could fit the style of the furniture being at the same time functional.

The safety of the folding beds

Modern lifting mechanisms used in lifting beds manufacturing are reliable and easy to use. That is why they are installed in the children's rooms because even a child can enjoy its operation. In addition there appears place for games!

Design for all tastes

The palette of contemporary finishing materials will inspire you to bold and unusual projects. Colored texture glass, bright plastic of fluorescent colors, rattan coverings, pressed leather and solid facades that exactly mimic natural wood that appears in your interior will make your house not only functional but also a design one by the help of the bed-up.