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The idea of multifunctionality infiltrates into all spheres of our life: a light movement of the hands transforms trousers into shorts, mobile phones make shots, and lounge areas are converted into bedrooms. The ability of the housing space to quickly change its purpose is more than ever actual today because in the same apartment people work, rest, cook, eat, welcome guests and practice sports ... The installation of the bed-up is one of the most effective ways to make the living environment be universal.

A bed-up is a day beauty

Folding bed-up It is valued primarily for the ability to maintain the double life at the daytime it modestly hides behind the furniture facade, and at night it transforms into a spacious and comfortable bed. In the morning it is enough a light push for it to silently hide from your eyes! The secret of the angelic nature lies in the mechanism: the lifting system plus shock absorbers as the smooth and reliable work of the bed-ups relies on their quality.

Constructive solutions allow you to place the bed vertically or horizontally: the choice is usually dictated by the space. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. The clear favourite of the consumers is a single bed with a vertical rise as being assembled it takes place equal in width to the shutter of the clothes locker. Almost unnoticeable at daytime the bed will require at least two metres at nighttime to show its beauty. Therefore, in a room with a narrow passage it is much more convenient to use a horizontal bed-up. Being located along the wall it will allow you to move freely along the room.

A bed-up is the solution for the bedroom

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The space above the bed can be occupied with shelves, where can be kept books, tapes and discs and in addition, you can hide the backlight behind the shelves. The bedup is equipped with straps that keep the mattress when the bed is in the upright position. Additionally at the head of the bed there can be made a special compartment for pillows. Adding a wardrobe to the bedup you can create a single style that allows you to solve the problem of placing things.

The intensity of exploitation and dynamic loads are not a problem to a lifting bed. So it can become the main bed for honeymooners, children and people of serious weight category. A lot of people install such beds for the guests staying overnight. It is hard to come up with something more appropriate as a "duty" sleeping place because during the free of guests time you can forget about the extra bed in your house !

Due to the modern production technologies a bed-up could become the part of almost any cabinet furniture: sliding-door wardrobe, racking construction, interior composition in the living room or the children's room. In addition it is embedded in separate niches. There is only one condition to achieve a unified style interior which is to stipulate the presence of the bed at the stage of the home furnishing.

Favourite colour, favourite size!

Folding bed-up As for the size of the bed it can vary a lot! For a long time it is estimated that man needs 80 cm in width and 2 m in length for the full and comfortable rest. Bed-up, designed for couples, should be 2 times wider respectively. The producers of the lifting mechanisms are guided by these numbers.

If a standard approach to the dimensional range is acceptable by most people, when choosing a mattress this does not work: it is exclusively individual. And therefore it is important that there are no restrictions for this almost intimate item as there can be installed any type mattress on a bed-up, even with the most exotic fillings. The important thing is the size compliance. The mattress is fixed with specially established straps so it could remain in its place during the lifting of the bed. The same way you can the bedding too so you won't need to tidy it up and to put it away.

In general the procedure of lifting and lowering the bed requires a few seconds and minimum of effort. One who daily enjoys the daybed will truly appreciate this wonderful engineering development. Amortization and hoisting mechanisms work to compress the design so the bed always seeks to take the vertical position. This ensures the ease of its lifting and excludes the possibility of its collapse.

Buying a bed do not be mistaken with a partner

Folding bed-upThe company Chisty List produces and installs bed-ups in the Moscow market more than seven years. Specializing upon the production of individual furniture and sliding door wardrobes the company specialists have developed such design of bed which fits into your interior objects. Today you can safely talk about the high quality development as over the years there have been no complaints concerning the exploitation of the bed! The official warranty for the installed mechanism lasts one year but in practice it, of course, serves much longer.

Nowadays the company Chisty List has designed and implemented more than 300 interior compositions that bed-ups. Each of these projects is unique because there were taken into consideration the geometrical features of the room, its functional purpose, the overall style of the interior and of course the financial possibilities of the customer while creating them. The company has the widest selection of basic and decorative materials such as mirrors, transparent and frosted glass, colored plastic, rattan and fusing. Their diversity allows to embody the original unusual solutions due to which the interior becomes more beautiful and life more comfortable. Custom-designed bed-up from the company Chisty List is the best choice in Moscow .