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Sambulov Alexander, a designer of the case furniture, specialist in assembling individual cabinet furniture

Installation is the final stage of working on the case built-in furniture. It always requires careful attention to the walls and the ceiling of the room where the furniture is to be installed. But in the case of the bed-up it is the quality of the material of the wall to which the construction is to be attached that defines the method of installation. This is due to the fact that the wall and the fastening elements are constantly subjected to load, and if the bed is installed unprofessionally it can simply fall one day!

An ideal basis for installing a folding bed is a concrete or brick wall. Standard 100 mm dowels will completely cope with the task and will properly serve for many years. When we are faced with a soft porous materials such as plasterboard, we use special brackets which "reveal" inside and thus fixing the entire structure. But in any case you must never install a folding king-size bed on the fragile and thin wall.

Ivan Damirov, a designer of the case furniture.

It is obvious that the main advantage of the folding bed is that it saves space. Yet in my opinion its equal important value is the ability to fit organically in virtually any furniture unit. For example it can become a part of the furniture slides in the living room, the workplace in the boy's room, the invisible element of a bookcase or a clothes locker. These beds are compatible with open shelves, TV and its equipment stand, it is easy to embed them into the niche or set them onto the podium. The main thing is to take into account the needs of the family and especially the space opportunities so that the furniture could blend with the interior style and at the same time being very functional.

Often the facades of the folding beds are decorated with mirrors – a sure version to visually expand the space. The palette of modern finishing materials inspires to bold and unusual projects: color texture glass, bright plastic of fluorescent color, rattan cover... This is all very attractive but it can greatly raise the price of the product.

I would recommend you to think about buying a folding bed at the initial stages of furnishing the apartment or the house – it is namely at this point when you can take full advantage of the features of space and, most importantly, save money. How? For example, when ordering a closet you can immediately provide for a folding built-in bed. It would be much more economical than buying a bed and a wardrobe separately.